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IMS Mullet 165

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Mullet is a significant food source for almost every predatory fish in its environment. IMS Mullet comes in 1 setup.
When in need to reach deeper for fish or fishing in strong current fast sinking is the best fit!
Long sweep will produce erratic gliding action.
Twitching of the rod with slow or medium retrieve will create wide wobble with belly showing on the sides.
Because our lures are hand crafted of selected pieces of Abachi wood, AISI 316 stainless steel and top grade epoxy resin, no two IMS Handmade lures will be 100% identical.

  • Fast 95g
  • Long sweep
  • Twitch
  • Skipping
Recommended Hook setup for fast sinking:
  • Belly / Tail
  • Treble 2/0/ Treble 2/0
  • Treble 2/0/ Inline 6/0
  • Inline 6/0 / Inline 6/0

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Weight 110 g



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